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Summer Classes

Mesma Belsare's classes at Urbanity Dance in Boston, MA start July 2nd on Tuesday evenings.

Often associated with a river, the Sanskrit word 'pravāha' means 'flow'. Based on Patānjali's Yoga Sūtra, Mesma Belsaré’s PRAVĀHA (FLOW) class is designed to enable students to cut through the mental and physical blocks and unleash their unique energetic, rhythmic flow. Involving fluid and percussive dance movements, prānāyāma breathing techniques and mental focus, this is a dynamic meditation class to help alleviate everyday stress and anxiety.

Formal dance training or background is not necessary.

Dress in comfortable, loose or stretchable clothing. No shoes.

Classes are suitable for ages 18 and above.


Click on the link below to register. 

Arrive early for on-site registration. 

JULY 2- AUG 20, 2019



Balance at Urbanity Dance

111 West Concord Street
(Entrance in Rear)
Boston, MA 02118

Important note: When walking to Balance, the entrance to the studio is behind the building.

From West Concord, turn left onto Newland or from Rutland, turn right onto Newland by playground, walk through parking lot and follow signs for Balance.



(617) 572-3727

Mesma Belsare's FLOW class at Urbanity Dance in Boston, MA start on July 2nd.
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