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Please fill out the contact formif you are interested in taking classes in traditional Bharatanatyam.

The following descriptions are for group classes. Private classes arranged independently.


Introduction to Bharatanatyam

A course for beginners of Bharatanatyam: Learn all technical aspects of Bharatanatyam from the beginner level: pure dance Nrtta, expressive dance Abhinaya, rhythm cycles and construction using vocal rendition and cymbals (Nattuvangam), and theory.

No prior experience in Bharatanatyam required.

Level 1

Learn a range of warm up exercises based on yoga-postures to condition the body for dance.

Learn body alignment and strengthening exercises, adavus (steps), dance theory, Taalam (rhythm) cycle foundation.

Reciting shlokas (verses) from ancient texts to learn the viniyoga (interpretations) of hand gestures, head, neck and eye movements.

Learn different Body Postures used in dance

Level 2

Permutations of hand gestures and their meanings

Permutations of rhythmic foot patterns

Abhinaya (Mime) and Facial expressions

Introduction to simple performance pieces


Advanced Level (Master) Class

Requirement: Level 1 and 2 of CLASS 1 or a minimum of 6 years of uninterrupted training in Bharatanatyam/post-Arangetram (debut performance)

Learn the complex art of abhinaya (mime) used to interpret poetry, abstract ideas, and human emotions/ express narrative content and conversation.

Learn the integral connection between Indian classical music and Indian classical dance

Introduction to advanced level performance pieces

For both classes commitment to learning, higher level of performance and perfecting the technique is a must.





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