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An ode to artful life

I begin this blog today in order to share some of my everyday experiences between dancing, painting and well...just living. Seldom does one have the energy for social pursuits after long morning rehearsals, catching up on emails, designing music, sewing costumes, choreographing new works, managing marketing/PR for performances, preparing for talks/workshops, sitting at the easel, sketching ideas, failing at it, getting up and trying again, and well...just about every drop of blood, sweat and tear that careers in the arts demand; however there are experiences that one has that can be lost in the solitude of that moment in which they occur. I hope to share some of those moments here!

Photo by my friend, confidant, and a fellow-misbehaver Iory Allison. Check out his amazing travel blog .

This week I will attend NACHMO performances at the Dance Complex. My dancer (Mohiniattam) friend Sapna Govindan will be dancing with her teacher Anisha Rajesh. Check out the details HERE.

Weekend will be full of rehearsals, writing and reading Sharanagadeva's Sangeeta Ratnakara/ Ocean of Music (yes, I know it is geeky. But I am hooked!).

Looking forward to the opening of a new exhibition next week at the Gardner Museum... Botticelli: one of my favorite artists!

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1 Comment

Iory Allison
Iory Allison
Feb 08, 2019

Most Divine Daughter of the Goddess! You constantly amaze me. With all you do, including creating a brand new and totally va-va-voom web site, now you turn on a dime and presto, Mesma's Blog!! You go girl!!!

Your devoted fan and fellow-misbehaver , Mr. Iory

PS thanks for the plug and reference to my blog, working with you is a spiritual experience, I delight in basking in your beauty; body, mind and spirit.

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